The dead-line for Erasmus Exchanges applications is the 30th April for winter term (september-february) and 30th october for spring term (february-june )


Applicants must provide the following documents:

– An application form and a Learning Agreement provided by the sending Institution. Models of this documents provided in this web are also accepted if signed by their Profesor/Tutor, Departments’s Head and by the Institutional Erasmus Coordinator.

-A motivation letter

-A teacher’s introduction letter (if any)

-A spanish/galician language certificación (if any)

– A recording (CD-DVD) must be provided. This recordings should include at least 3 different periods of the essential repertoire for every speciality. Videos or recordings trought internet are also accepted. For all Videos or DVD’s the applicants must provide a frontal close-up shot in foreground of the applicant’s performance.

Instrumental departments will decide about the acceptance depending of their possibilities. Results are sended by e-mail to the applicants and the Institutional Erasmus Coordinators and they can be followed trough this web. In case that the students will be accepted, an acceptance letter will be sended to the sending institutional coordinators.