High efficiency is often considered in the field of elite sport but nowadays there is no doubt about the fact that activities such as music performance must be tasked at the highest level. In the field of sports it is utterly adopted; we usually find specialized professionals who help athletes to improve their resources for training and competition.

Getting a good level during artistic performance depends on a set of elements which interact. Technical quality or controlling different emotional and cognitive aspects (attention, memory, stress, expectations, confidence…) will be defining factors to get a correct psycho-physical state for a good performance.

These psychological skills could be assessed and improved by intervention programmes which have been efficient in other similar fields, such as dance or artistic sports. That is the reason why we can use the last advances and knowledge of Artistic Performance Psychology to identify the main factors which could improve the artistic and technical skills of our students. It could also help us to design future intervention projects in order to improve the artistic, technical and academic performance.

That is the aim of implementing a service of musical performance psychology. It will have two main functions: research and intervention. The objective for this academic year is fixing a diagnosis of necessities to check the main interest areas for the psychological intervention. This information will allow us planning the interventions (which will be designed using a scientific methodology to ensure that they are repeatable) and contrasting the obtained results.

Definitely, the service rises in order to be useful for each and every pupil who is interested in improving his/her academic, musical and artistic performance. The methodology will always be self-evaluatory. It must check that the whole programmed activities achieve the planned objectives and it must ensure that, in fact, the intervention contributes to get the expected benefits.